Using imitation gold leaf and acrylic or oil paint, I create work that combines my attraction to figures and pattern with my interest in the religious styles of Medieval illuminated manuscripts, Byzantine icons, Gothic altarpieces, and Persian manuscripts, as well as the elegant grace of Art Deco and Art Nouveau design.  I enjoy the delicate craftsmanship involved in gold leafing and I am drawn to the sacred and stoic nature of gilded Christian artworks.  


My paintings are reminiscent of this historical style while maintaining a modern, secular context.  I paint the people around me in our natural surroundings.   I capture familiar instances characteristic of a somewhat lackadaisical youth: relaxation, boredom, idleness, and indulgence.  My subjects are treated with a gilded preciousness and opulence appropriate for my friends’ and my delusions of grandeur, our search for identity, and our conflicting insecurity during an economic recession.  While Christian icons in the Middle Ages were sacred objects of veneration and divine love, my paintings express a sort of iconography of leisurely self-worship and wistful navel-gazing.  I am also interested in the playful connection between self-reflection and the reflective quality of the gold leaf, guilty pleasures and objects of gilt.