Recycled Paper Sculpture - Owls

Owls appear in mythology throughout the world.  Their nocturnal nature, predatory intuition, and human-like glower have inspired human fables, religious texts, and ancient poetry.  Some cultures associate owls with wisdom while others view the birds as bad omens and harbingers of death.  In old English folklore owl eggs were thought to prevent alcoholism. 


My paper owls embody this complex symbolism and, made almost entirely of recycled materials, express my personal meditation on addiction and consumption.  The owls are fashioned from newspapers, paper bags, and shopping receipts.  The feathers are created from discarded cigarettes and burned rolling papers stained with wine, coffee, and tea.  The birds represent our human death-howl as we battle consumerism, substance abuse, and struggle to stay connected to mother nature and to our own human nature.  The tension between self-destruction and inner wisdom is illustrated in the transformation of unwanted materials into delicate objects of beauty.


Cigarettes, rolling paper, paper bags, shopping receipts, newspaper, wire




Wine, tea, coffee, avocado, onion, turmeric, brazilwood, madder root, osage, indigo