Medical Art

The Intimacy of Illness

Early encounters with disease and death in these first months of nursing school still linger in my mind. Hospital rotations, classroom lectures, and anatomy labs have produced afterimages of fluids and flesh and aroused feelings of curiosity and discomfort, compassion and fear. Patient care has been a very intimate and physical exposure to suffering and deterioration but also to resilience, humor, love, and courage.


This series contrasts the shape and texture of the human body with the instruments that are used to treat it.  It reflects my own health issues and my gratitude for and distrust of my body's ability to heal.  The use of simple medical supplies and simulated contamination elevated to art objects is an expression of the struggle to tolerate death, to find grace in the grotesque, and to come to terms with the human condition.


Paper, cotton swabs, sewing pins, compression stockings,

vinyl tubing, suture thread, cough syrup